Lib Dem MEP Campaign 2019

Campaigning for Europe

  • President of the Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association /Rights-Liberties-Justice (Newsletter editor and former Chair), Solicitor.
  • Studied European Law at the College of Europe.  Worked in the City and has been a Legal Aid lawyer in Lambeth and Westminster.
  • A Party member since university, former Treasurer Southwark & Bermondsey and has been a campaigner in many London elections.
  • Parliamentary candidate for Mid-Kent (twice), former Kent County Councillor and co-chair of the Kent Fire & Public Protection committee.
  • European activist and has fought for a second  referendum since July 2016.

Graham’s Policy Priorities:

Graham with LibDems on 23rd March . Involved in every London march, petitions, street stalls , Brexitometers …etc.

Justice & Security: to support improvements in security and  judicial co-operation

Environment:  Climate change and environmental protection need to be led on a Europe wide basis.

Education : To expand on education and research opportunities for all EU citizens to learn in other Member States.

Social Media & Data Protection: Only Europe has the size and willingness to control the internet giants.

Artificial Intelligence and Society:  Driverless cars and automated decision making will be upon us, we must plan for its effects on us all.

Global Companies: The EU has taken the giants on. Only it has the size to do so and should be supported. in its work.

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Like you, I woke up on the  24 June with that sinking feeling in my stomach. It was then that I decided I would fight back. As Chair of Lib Dem Lawyers, I organised a conference on 2nd July 2016 which asked should there be another referendum.

Graham Colley Speaking at the Lib Dem Conference

Ever since, I have devoted myself with you and others to the fight back. Now, rather than leaving on 29th March, we are joining in the European  Elections.

Brexit has not only ripped our country apart, but has exposed a social crisis and democratic deficit. If I become your MEP,

I will dedicate myself to overcoming these problems.

Best wishes,


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